Doing the European Voluntary Service in Europe is easy: you can select EVS organisations and projects you are interested in inside the european database and apply directly by sending them an e-mail, or you can search through available EVS projects in this section. International volunteer opportunities in Europe, available thanks to EVS, can at the moment be found here: by applying for one or more of these you may be selected as an international volunteer by a volunteer association in Europe to participate in a European Voluntary Service project and leave immediately, or in only a few months.

For each EVS project available you will find a brief description, the volunteer profile and the required information on how to apply. You can apply online directly and participate in the pre-selection of applicants, or you can schedule an interview with one of our employees at the Youth Information Centre of Milan. At the bottom of this page you can find the summarized procedure for making the application with the 5 steps for getting started, for more information see the FAQ. If you prefer to search for EVS projects in the European database don’t forget that many projects may not be available at the moment: they may already be “occupied” or organizations may have recently completed the selection process, and it may take several months until the next time they open the application process. For this reason we advise you to first contact the organisations via email asking them if they are in the process of selection and if they have any positions available for international volunteers.

In each EVS project the treatment, accommodation, tasks, hours and days of work anticipated for the international volunteers vary and can differ significantly from one EVS project to another, therefore the choice of an EVS project is a very delicate and very important phase.

Choose EVS projects that you want to apply for carefully, remember that the European Voluntary Service is an experience that you can make only once in a lifetime!

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